July 06, 2010

Dinner Dilemma

We are still adjusting to life and work in the city.  One of those adjustments is the dinner dilemma.   We get home much later than before and since we work together, we arrive home at the same time.  What’s that mean?  Well, previously I usually got home 20-30 minutes before Mark and could start dinner and be eating not too long after he got home.

Now?  We both get home at the same time.  Who cooks?  What to cook?  How long will it take?  These are the questions that plague us.  And all too often we end up going out or resorting to the frozen Trader Joe food that is supposed to be our emergency supply.  Oops.  Thus, the dinner dilemma.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy cooking.  We do.  It’s just hard during the week and after a long day of work.  I need a few more quick easy no think recipes.  Maybe we should each have our day or 2 days that dinner is your responsibility?  We do cooking date nights, but that is usually a more elaborate meal and not meant for during the week.  50/50 split with 1 day eating out?

One of my favorite food blogs is Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen blog.  There is even a category I found devoted to fast recipes.  I’m doing some research.  Her food photography will make you drool and bookmark the recipe every time.  This one is making me hungry…

Asian Pork Burgers with Kimchi

We need to figure it out.  It’s been on my mind.  But currently I get lazy when I get home and somehow never get to cooking a nice, quick and healthy dinner.

How do you dinner at night?  Do you prepare in advance?  Do you cook? Or does someone else?  Do you cook together?

5 Comments to “Dinner Dilemma”

  1. We’re the same. Have you considered cooking at the weekend and freezing it. I’m starting to do that and find it helps so much.

    Or even prep-ing things and freezing. When I buy veg {eg peppers and onions}, I try and chop them all up and place in little freezer bags. It saves so much time when it comes to cooking because sometimes its the prep that takes the time, not the cooking.

    I do all the cooking so anything to minimise how long we have to eat or the amount of time I have to spend cooking, I’m all for.

    • MichelleMuses says:

      That is a good idea to do food prep and freeze it. We do that with meat a lot. My downfall is I always forget to pull it out and defrost before leaving for work. Go figure.

  2. I tried that thing where you make enough for leftovers, and then G just eats more and/or one of us takes it for lunch the next day. Apparently, organized people plan their meals for the week ahead, prep veggies, schedule out, bla bla bla. Somehow I have a mental block. When I’m forced to eat what I’ve planned on eating, I tend to veer away from the plan in favor of spontaneity. Or, on those weeks where I do plan on sticking to the plan (am I even making any sense anymore?)
    We end up eating out with friends spontaneously. Then, food goes bad. Does this make me a bad wife?

    • michelle @ blissful musings says:

      Haha. Not a bad wife. I do pretty much the same thing. We were doing the leftover thing when I was working at home a few days a week and it worked well. Especially since I tend to cook for 4 instead of 2. Not sure what happens I just keep dumping stuff in and then have too much food. I also try planning for the week and then waste food because it either doesn’t sound good or we end up with plans. So what you said is very familiar in our household. Now we have the grocery store right by (actually below) us so that has helped. But still takes extra time to buy that day then go cook.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I’m always on the lookout for speedy meals!


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