March 11, 2010

Collecting Recipes

Let’s talk food for a little bit. As I was doing some blog maintenance I noticed I still have yet to actually talk food, recipes and cooking.  I enjoy cooking and baking. A favorite date night is spent in the kitchen together stirring, chopping, tasting, laughing and of course eating. Am I a fabulous gourmet chef? That would be a big no. However, I’m trying to get better as I’d just consider myself a good cook now. I’m trying to step up my creativity and adding my own flair to recipes and become more confident in my skills.

I subscribe to way too many food blogs. Why? I like to tempt myself and cause hunger pangs throughout the day. Not really, I like seeing all the different food possibilities that are out there, get ideas and most importantly find recipes that I can try myself. Here is the problem, I “star” and “bookmark” post after post, but often don’t go back to actually make it.

Have you noticed Recipes-THE list in the menu bar above? I’m going to start keeping track of recipes I’d like to make and then try to get through as much of the list as possible. This may be difficult since the list will be ongoing, but that is beside the point. As I successfully/unsuccessfully create each recipe I will write a post and share the results. I will also link to my attempt by the recipe on THE list. Does that make sense? In short, I’m cooking/baking/eating my way through all those recipes I admire and will share the experience with you.

Here are a few delicious goodies that have caught my eye as I start building THE list. (Building takes time, I have starred waaayy to many recipes)

Coconut Mike Balls by Smitten Kitchen

Let’s start with dessert. Anything with coconut is amazing and on my favorite list. Dessert menu has a coconut item? That is what I’m ordering. Unless they have a good creme brulee.

Braised Brussel Sprouts in Bacon and Shallots by White on Rice Couple

I have been wanting to try a brussel spout recipe. White On Rice Couple has had several recipes that sound yummy.

Sundried Tomato Risotto by Pioneer Woman

Let’s be honest, I star/bookmark/favorite every Pioneer Woman recipe.  They always are irresistible.

Tomato Braised Cauliflower by Steamy Kitchen

I always look forward to recipes on Steamy Kitchen.  She has an amazing collection of not just Asian influenced recipes, but other delicious dishes too.  Cauliflower is one of my favorites.

Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Shells by Elly Says Opa!

Pasta is probably my one of my favorite foods.  Any sort of pasta/noodle dish I will devour.  I’d eat it every day, every meal if I could.

What’s your favorite recipe? Have you tried any of the recipes you admire on the blogs? What is your go-to food blog?

p.s. I’m working on Craft-land as well. What are your go-to/favorite diy tutorials?

5 Comments to “Collecting Recipes”

  1. I’m down with anything coconut. As food blogs go…I really like The Ungourmet. My bloggy partner put up a yummy salmon recipe today at our blog!

  2. Officially. Drooling. I love brussel sprouts so much, especially braised with parmesan cheese. I bet the bacon just tips it over the edge.

    As far as food blogs, I just love Mark Bittman’s NYT blog:

  3. Oh man, those last three recipes look AMAZING! I want, no HAVE, to try that risotto from PW!

  4. Ahhh those stuffed shells look to-die-for! I completely agree with you – I could eat pasta every day, hands down!

  5. oh yum, stuffed shells!


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