February 24, 2010

Craving Shoes

I really love shoes.  To the point that I’d rather shop for shoes and neglect all other pieces of my wardrobe.  Sadly due to my budget and the unfortunate fact that I have strangely narrow feet that result in expensive shoes; I have not bought many shoes in recent times.

But like with all good cravings and addictions, does that stop me from thinking about shoes I’d like to have? Nope.  I just look online and think about a day when I’ll be able to afford some of the shoes I just simply admire now.

What type of shoes?  Well, I used to be all high heels.  However, between going to a college with unreasonably steep hills,  dating my now husband who I prefer to be shorter than, and just being out of “high heel shape” my shoes are mostly flats now.  To the point that I completely wore my favorite flats to falling apart at the threads and am now on the search for some replacements.

I think these pairs would do just fine.

Lovely People ‘Lilly’ Flat

Steve Madden ‘Florale’ Flat

Frye ‘Emma’ Flat

Seychelles ‘Trip the Light’ T-Strap Sandal (I like yellow and taupe)

Seychelles ‘Veronica’ T-Strap Pump

What pair of shoes are on your wish list? Do you prefer heels or flats?

4 Comments to “Craving Shoes”

  1. Love them all! My favorite today is that yellow sandal.

  2. I love heels but after a few hours they make my knees and arches hurt. :( I’m now a flat kind of girl or a not-so-high wedge.

  3. Oooh that first shoe is sooo adorable. And I’m a sucker for Seychelles, particularly those yellow ones, but anymore I am all about the flats and I’d probably buy those heels and wear them twice. I’m just over having hurting feet!

  4. Oh, the Veronica is to.die.for! I love your blog! The design is really fun, clean, but with personality and very smart. Did you design it yourself? I’m a fan.


    Perfume (aka Creature Gorgeous)


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